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Friday, January 3, 2014

My "Mental Meanderings" as We End 2013 and Start 2014...

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted January 3, 2014

Hello my lovelies!! I know for many of you, there's been a wondering of what's happened to "abitchforjustice". Well as I told my son, besides there just not being anything that has affected me so strongly that I just had to talk about it, I've been so busy with "in real life" issues and actions that I just hadn't gotten around to posting anything. "But Ma", he says, "you have so many opinions on so many things daily, you could just post about any of them.

Well, although I thought this was also true, I generally feel [felt] that I like topics that I felt like posting more than "just a couple of lines" about...I felt like I wanted my posts to have substance. As a result of this conversation, I've decided to allow my mind to wander over some of the things I've thought about lately as we end one year and begin the next. They are important or not so important, personal or "not affecting me, per se"... A couple will concern the community as a whole, while I'll also post 'trans*focused' items...this post will truly be my "mental meandering"...

Sooo, one of the things I'm going to 'write a couple of lines' about is my Christmas present; you all may have noticed the browser connecting you to my blog nowadays...my son's bought me a "domain" for 'abitchforjustice'! There is no longer a need to remember [or type in] '.blogspot.com' when visiting my blog! Just www.abitchforjustice.com gets it. And he's insisted, "Now you'd better use it, too!" So there's the first item in this, my "mental meanderings" to end 2013, and begin the new year, 2014. I thank my son for my NEW DOMAIN! (I felt kinda like Dolly Parton/Truvy in "Steel Magnolias", when she got another beauty salon, and she said, "I'm a chain!", LOL)

Another thing I've had on my mind lately is the case of the poor 13 year old child, Jahi McMath, who's family has finally won the legal battle to move her to a hospital from Califonia to New York, because the hospital (Children's Hospital Oakland) they have her at has determined that she's brain dead, and really wants them to accept the fact that she's dead and "let her go"...the parents want to move her to a hospital that will continue her ventilator and intravenous fluids.

What I have continued to wonder about through all this legal wrangling that has continued "after the fact" is...just WHAT THE HELL did the quack doing the everyday, commonplace surgery, a TONSILLECTOMY, for cryin' out loud, do that would  cause such a situation to happen in the first place???? I mean, I had one years ago when there were far fewer drugs and pieces of equipment available to press into service for possible "complications"...and here I am with no problems, tonsils gone...I'm just sayin'...for me, if I were her mother, Nailah Winkfield, my lawyer wouldn't be filing just to move my daughter, he would be filing suit for malpractice.

"In real life", I've been working with SNaPCo  (Solutions Not a Punishment Coalition), the group addressing the attempt at banishment of girls in certain parts of Atlanta...the "working group" established by Mayor Kasim Reed seems to have ceased meeting (the last two meetings have been "postponed" [but not rescheduled]...). SNaPCo has been gathering postcards signed by supporters, of a "Pre-booking Diversion Program" that would provide services that would change the trajectory of a street worker's life toward one that is more productive and positive, rather than repeat the same steps of recidivism as they practice now, that we intend to deliver to Mayor Reed, that he might seriously consider this route...in order to continue funding this work, we are selling some jazzy t-shirts with our logo on them (see facebook page for information). We had an 'end of the year party right before Christmas. 

I'm also pleased that the day before that party, I was approached by a smart, trans*attorney, who told me that she wanted to work with me to organize a Town Hall meeting around trying to excite the community about starting a movement to open a trans*focused emergency/transitional housing facility here in Atlanta!! I am so proud that she thought of me and my transgender support/advocacy organization, TILTT, Inc., as a "jumping off/starting point" for this movement! We are going to substitute the town hall meeting in the stead of our next meeting, January 14th. I will let you all know how it works out...

I watched the 'rollout' of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), while it was a little disappointing and I wished it could have been better, I've railed at the television that the detractors (Rethuglifools and weak-willed Dems) should "BACK OFF", and let it be, because any program of that magnitude is bound to have some glitches/bumps-in-the-road, and one that has obstructionists sabotaging it at every turn is sure to find quicksand to pull out of...and in spite of all the obstruction, our POTUS has managed to get the web site fixed to such a degree that millions of Americans started off 2014 with insurance that have never had it before, and in the states that worked with the law rather than trying to sabotage it, they are doing great with its implementation!! Rethuglifools just need to stop being spoilsports and see to the insurance needs of their constituents...I've also personally been glad to know that our POTUS still showed that he is "seeing" the trans*community by making sure that non-discrimination [against trans*coverage] pieces were included in this ACA law...soon the positive "ACA stories" will outnumber/outweigh the negative ones the Rethuglifools keep publicizing, and we'll see what we will see...

OITNB's Laverne Cox Is Producing a Documentary About CeCe McDonald
Laverne Cox (left) and CeCe McDonald (right)

Looking forward to the release of CeCe McDonald (I've done a few posts about this situation) in the next couple of weeks (January 13, 2014 according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections website); her unjust case has been the catalyst for some real conversation nationally around the intersection of trans*persons of color existence with discrimination on the basis of color as well as transphobia, and the results from the clashes and injustices we face at that intersection. I'm sooo gratified to also read that trans*celeb, Laverne Cox of "Orange Is the New Black", is producing a documentary around CeCe's story. I sooo LOVE seeing members of our community like the esteemed Ms. Cox, use their celebrity to achieve something truly special for our community!! KUDOS, Ms. Cox!! To an old warhorse like me, it is gratifying to see you younger girls taking the responsibility of trans*progress...I've got to stop before I tear up...and CeCe McDonald, love ya girl; know that I did try to do my part to keep your story out there, though my "material" capabilities were lacking.

There are two Caucasian men that have been on my mind today...one is a man that I'd love to have a coffee with; I read something by him that made me want to shout it was soooo good, the other such an asshole I could NEVER respect him as a so-called pastor. The first, Frank Schaeffer, a reformed 'evangelist' wrote a piece called "The Slow Motion Lynching of President Barack Obama" that is so GOOD...I would have thought it came from my own mind, it said so many of the things I have said (and thought) myself!! All I could think was, "THIS is one Caucasian who gets it!!"...THEN I was perusing my facebook newsfeed this evening and I was "swooshed" from the sublime to the absolutely RIDICULOUS bullshit [sorry y'all, had to call it what it is] of the so-called televangelist pastor, Pat Robertson; it's just a shame that there are enough right wingnut crazies out there to keep this asshole on television...probably the same fools who support that "Duck Country" crap...he's made his idiot predictions for 2014 on that waste of television airtime, the 700 club, and claiming he's "hearing these things from God"...HELL NAW! It's my considered opinion that what he's "hearing" are long, smelly farts, 'cause he's definitely talking out his ass! THIS is one so-called "man of God" who should sit down and shut the fuck up!!! [sorry folks, he just gets me riled up] 

Well you all, I suppose those are the recent "highlights" and "lowlights" of what's crossed my mind (and computer screen) of late...I will be closing now, but not without wishing all of you....the BEST IN THE COMING YEAR!!