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Friday, January 31, 2014

And WHERE is Rev. Al Sharpton NOW??

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted January 31, 2014

It's been since August 17, 2013, when mad dog and waste of breathable air, Paris Wilson attacked and murdered Islan Nettles, a beautiful young transwoman in the prime of her life. 

            Islan Nettles

Not that it would have made it any more justifiable, but Ms. Nettles was not involved in any "unacceptable" behavior, like sex work. She didn't accost Wilson or do anything other than mind her own business with her own set of friends and acquaintances when she was victimized by this man who at first wanted to 'get next' to her, before berating her when realizing her transgender status.

After first being arrested and surely on his way to justice, this character managed to get one of his cohorts to come forward and claim "to have attacked" Islan also, in order to muddy the waters and rebut the eyewitness accounts of the incident. It so complicated the issue that the police released this murderer and no justice has been achieved to this day!

This murder seems to have sunk beneath the surface of the sea of "national news", to disappear from public scrutiny. Fortunately however, we've got such transgender notables as Laverne Cox, who made it a point to publicly remind us of this injustice to Islan Nettles as an example of the overall injustice that we as transgenders (particularly #girlslikeus of color) must face and endure daily, when she brought forth her name during her appearance on the Katie Curic show, "katie". 

What I want to know is this...WHERE is the renowned humanist/activist/civil rights leader, Rev. Al Sharpton? Does his silence all this time mean that he only gets involved with "racial" issues, like the Treyvon Martin case? He's hopped on the 'marriage equality' bandwagon; does he only view gays as worthy of human rights and attention?

We've watched a whole movement get started, leading to the passage of a hate crimes bill, because a gay man [Matthew Shepard] was murdered. Does this mean that only a Caucasian gay man is worthy of that kind of attention? Yes he was a college student, and for all intent and purposes was "doing good things" with his life, but so was Islan Nettles; she was a popular woman, just getting a start in fashion design. A thoroughly good person, by all accounts.

Why has there been no sustained outcry from organizations like the National Center for Transgender Equality, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign?

The New York African American/Latina transgender community has not forgotten Islan, and continue to put together rallies and demonstrations to push the New York Police Department to do something about her death (such as the rally below), but to no avail [yet]. We need more, and in more locations if possible. Perhaps a nationwide effort to hold one "in tandem" on August 17...


I feel that Islan Netttles' murder is just as important as Matthew Shephard's or Treyvon Martin's, and should get some attention from Rev. Al and the above-mentioned organizations.

Let's keep her name out there in the public airways, like Laverne, and out in the internet world, until something is done. Perhaps both of those asswipes were involved in the attack; then charge and try both their asses, but something must be done...

This was a human being whose life was snuffed out, and it deserves retribution!


  1. Cheryl, the attack on Islan Nettles not only happened in front of a NY police station, it was mere blocks from the National Action Network's Harlem HQ

  2. I was walking home from my first out in the park in Tacoma Washington and I was attack by three men with baseball bats and when I woke up two day later I was in the ER and found out I had 19 broken bones and all my teeth was kick in well the cop who took my report said their is nothing they can do because I didn't get a good look at the three men who did this to me that was back in July 2000 and nothing still has had to any yet I call two years ago they don't have the report any more (lol) and they said did it realy happed well I did paid the hosp bill

  3. Anonymous, I deeply regret to hear about this happening to you. It's another indication that we have to always stay aware of our surroundings and whenever possible, travel with companions on these occasions. It's also a SAD commentary on police departments' attention to these attacks and their followup of them as well. And it's pitiful the way so-called "human rights advocates/activists" [like Al Sharpton] neglect to call for justice for the "T" of the TGBL acronym as they will hawk for support of gay & lesbian efforts [like marriage equality].