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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AT LAST! Someone Takes Maury Povich & Jerry Springer to Task for Transgender Treatment!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted Dec. 6, 2012

"abitchforjustice": For some years now I personally have had a problem with the television talk shows "The Maury Povich Show" and "The Jerry Springer Show".

I have felt that they did the transgender community no favor by their sensationalist depiction of our demographic on Jerry Springer as "tricksters" (tricking men to bed us; transgender men are not subjects most of the time), prostitutes, homewreckers, etc. We are, in their episodes [that are mostly scripted for the most 'exciting' results] displayed as freaks, to be verbally abused by audiences and physically attacked by biological women (to the cheers of the audiences). Maury is no better, with his "Is It or Isn't It??" shows, where biological women are compared to transwomen by the audience to see "if they can tell the difference" ("Isn't it grand how a MAN can fool you?" is their stock in trade here.)...

Rather than providing a better understanding of our already-marginalized community, they cultivate a climate of fear, distrust, disgust and further separation of the transgender community from mainstream society, propagating stereotypes that belittle, demean and discredit us a HUMAN BEINGS deserving the respect of others.

At last Kayden H., of Miami Beach, Florida, has started a petition on "Change.org" to at long last address this issue; she's taking it directly to the producers of these shows with a petition that demands they stop this type of programming. 

The following link is to that petition. Although yours truly is able (for the most part *embarrassed chuckle*) to post here and administrate this blog, I am a little "challenged" when it comes to total computer ability, so if you cannot simply click this link to reach that petition, I urge you to copy & paste it to your browser, but PLEASE make every effort to sign it and make these "Dark Ages" idiots accountable for their media programming and resulting negative affects on the  transgender community!

The link: https://www.change.org/petitions/stop-exploiting-transgender-women



  1. The sad part in Springer's case is up until 1994, he was doing informative shows on trans people..

    1. I'm not aware of just when the change came (I stopped watching JS before it happened), but I do know that the last show I happened to glance at while 'channel surfing' had me pause incredulously at the sight of a "midget trans" fighting with a boyfriend (and this person in drag hadn't even bothered to shave a goatee & mustache, SMDH)...SUCH a put up freak job!

    2. The same is true for Maury Povich. I remember in 1992 he had Jahna Steele (R.I.P.) as one of his guests.

  2. Well put. I agree totally. Shea LaRoux