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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Votes Are Cast, Election Over, BUT THE FIGHT CONTINUES!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted Nov. 8, 2012


Election day 2012 ended with the United States making history again by re-electing President Barack Obama, the first African American to that office for a second term. He won, not only according to the popular vote ( Obama's 60,652,238 to Romney’s 57,810,407 [we are still waiting for the final votes to be tallied in Florida] ), but the electoral college (Obama's 303 to Romney's 206). Etchasketch Romney has made a brief "conciliatory" and "unify America" speech (obviously written on the spur of the moment, as at an earlier interview he'd said he hadn't prepared one [so sure he was that he would win], just a 'victory' speech), and President Obama has delivered a rousing and moving, as well as conciliatory, victory speech, urging us all to move forward together to get things done to improve the situation in America.

BUT now here's the thing...already, despite a subdued "we need someone to lead us forward together, blah, blah, blah, and we're willing to work toward tax reform, blah, blah, blah..." speech by John Beohner, and nothing from Mitch McConnell, already both of these congressional Rethuglifool leaders are indicating that the obstructionist fight with the POTUS is not over. "How?" You may ask. Well a couple of hours after his speech, it's been reported, President Obama made phone calls to these two men (presumably to open lines of communication around the looming debt ceiling & "fiscal cliff" that is fast approaching; perhaps to even arrange some sort of meeting so they could talk strategy for working on it)...would you believe he was told at BOTH their houses, "they are asleep", and THEY WERE NOT CALLED TO THE PHONE...what kind of crappy disrespect is THAT for the leader of the free world??? 

It's highly doubtful that on an exciting night like election night, with everyone on edge as to who would win, that they would actually be sleeping, but even if they were, why the f**k wouldn't they be woken for the PRESIDENT? This blatant disrespect is an indication that the status quo Rethuglifool intransigence is about to continue. Conciliatory words be damned, it looks like we're going to be served up the same crap they tried to serve us last term.

SOOO, it remains for us not to stop now...as we stood for the POTUS during this campaign and election, we must continue to have his back now. As we watch how this 'debt ceiling' thing begins to play itself out, we must continue to stand with President Barack Obama through phone calls, emails or petitions to our representatives and senators, letting them know that we are NOT taking our eyes "off the ball" (or THEM); letting them know that they can be replaced if they do not vote/act in our best interest as Americans. They cannot ignore the fact that just like many of them came in during mid-term elections, they can be sent packing the same way.

We have sent them the message that big money and special interests could not buy the White House, and we can continue to let them know that we trust the man that we have returned to the seat, to work for ALL of us; we MUST let them know that we realize the fight continues and we are willing to fight it with him as Americans.


  1. Republicans lost the election yet they sound as if they want to implement Romney or Ryan's Polices. Listening to them speak it's clear that the republicans think they can force the President to make a deal their way.

    Forgetting we are very close to the fiscal cliff, I'd hope that president Obama will remain strong and if needed allow the country to go over it...

    1. I agree, Floyd. With the public behind him, expressing its willingness to support his moves, I think we can put the fear of losing their seats into them if we utilize the newly found 'voice' we've displayed through our votes...they HAVE to realize (unless they're just completely brain dead) that America's not going to continue to go for their "do nothing" agenda. But as a people WE are responsible for keeping their feet to the fire.

  2. Although the republicans lost, it is going to be an obvious fight. We are close to the fiscal cliff, but it is bigger than that. The Republicans feel and think they can manipulate President Obama, but they have another thing coming.