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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Teabaggers Train Poll Watchers to Block the Transgender Vote!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted Nov. 4, 2012

"abitchforjustice": First I want to apologize to my followers/subscribers for my absence of late; I have been busy "in real life" on phonebanks, knocking on some doors and passing flyers for the POTUS, as well as preparing for the upcoming Transgender Day Of Rememberance (TDOR). However, I've received a communication from the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) regarding this most important election that I feel it imperative that I pass on to my transgender readers. 

It details the so-called "training" the Teabagger party is giving poll watchers that is another Rethuglifool attempt to suppress the vote...this time targeting the transgender community! Read on to see what they are doing and what YOU can do about it...


Advancing Transgender Equality
The blog for the National Center for Transgender Equality

November 4, 2012

Tea Party Group Targets Trans Voters

A right-wing, Tea Party organization called “True the Vote” is training their volunteer poll watchers to target transgender voters. True the Vote’s training manual features a transphobic image that claims transgender people are fraudulent voters and should be denied the right to vote.

NCTE Executive Director Mara Keisling said, “It is disgraceful that True the Vote would try to thug anyone into not voting. True the Vote’s true agenda is a shameful attempt to scare trans people away from participating in our democracy.”
Until this point, the concerted effort by right-wing, tea party groups to restrict voting rights with new Voter ID laws only inadvertently affected transgender voters. Only days away from Election Day, the discovery of True the Vote’s training manual marks a shift by right-wing groups to explicitly target transgender people and deny them a right to vote.
“Trans people are resilient,” said Keisling. “For trans people, voting is not just a right and a responsibility, for us it is also an important part of how we are winning our equality. Scare tactics like this won’t keep us from that.”
NCTE urges all transgender and gender non-conforming voters, regardless of their party affiliation or political beliefs, to ignore True The Vote’s shameful and unamerican attacks, and vote this Election Day.
In case you are challenged, be prepared by bringing NCTE’s “Voting While Trans Checklist” with you when you vote. The Checklist includes a message from NCTE to poll workers clarifying possible questions they may have about your identification. If a poll worker or poll watcher attempts to deny you a ballot, call the National Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) immediately.

Additionally, watch and share our public service announcement for what poll workers can do to ensure that transgender people are not denied the right to vote.  Learn more at www.votingwhiletrans.org.



This election is too important!!


  1. I am pleased that I was able to meet Mara back on Tuesday night, when she came to UNLV's Spectrum meeting. What an awesome and warm woman! She's currently working here in Nevada to help get out the vote. I made sure to thank her for her work on our license and passport updating, and showed her both of mine as I thanked her. What a wonderful lady she is!

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    1. Why thank you, Hilda! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here and hope you'll return and feel free to comment on anything you read here (hopefully you'll click 'follow', 'subscribe' or both, *smile*). I encourage others' opinions and healthy debates (as long as they are kept respectful of others they will be published here in the comments section).