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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Transgender woman found dead struggled for acceptance

Police say she was asphyxiated, found in vacant home

9:53 p.m. EST, February 22, 2011

Life as a transgender woman wasn't easy for Anthony Trent. Known as "Tyra," the 25-year-old told family she was sometimes attacked on the street just because of the way she looked.

"He was a very bold person – he wasn't scared to show or flaunt his lifestyle," said cousin and close friend Correll Trent, 18. "People told him all the time, if this is the way you want to live, we can't stop you. But be careful, watch yourself."

Recently, she had been jumped on the street and beaten up, losing a tooth in the attack.

On Saturday, someone wandered into a vacant city-owned home in the 3300 block of Virginia Ave. in Northwest Baltimore and found Trent's body in the basement. She had no identification and no cell phone, but an autopsy revealed that she had been asphyxiated. City homicide detectives are investigating the case.

It took two days to confirm Trent's identity and notify family. Trent had been reported missing two weeks earlier, after leaving home late at night on a Sunday and never returning. Trent had been known to leave for a few days at a time, but always kept in touch with her mother, Sundra. Not this time.

"Sundra felt it. After two days she said, 'Something happened to my baby,' " said Pamela Holden, a family friend.

Relatives were gathered at the Trent family home Tuesday night, where they remembered Trent as a vibrant person who liked to dance, loved animals and loved to style hair. She worked with people with disabilities, they said.
"He was a good person, and he made friends," said aunt Evelina "Noni" Trent, 41.

She also worked the streets, often spending time at an area of lower Charles Village known as "The Stroll" that transgender prostitutes are known to frequent. Court records show dozens of arrests for loitering and prostitution between 2003 and 2008. In one, she climbed into the car of an undercover detective and asked if he wanted to party, then discussed oral sex, according to records.

Trent hadn't been arrested since 2008, however, and it is unknown what circumstances led to her death.

Sandy Rawls, director of Trans-United, which provides outreach for members of the transgender community, said she had been working with Trent, who was in the process of formally changing her name and working to obtain a GED.

"The whole transgender community is at risk," Rawls said. "We don't have the economical foundation set up for us as transgender people. We can't go into jobs without being discriminated against, and it's really hard for individuals to be themselves and have a way of living. Sometimes they end up doing wild things to survive, and they end up in dangerous situations."

However, family said Trent lived with his mother and always had a place to stay.

Correll Trent said family feared for his safety. "Most city guys, guys who grow up in Baltimore, they don't like that," he said, referring to a transgender lifestyle. "He was so upset and hurt that people can't accept his lifestyle. It made me angry."

Outside the home, Trent's mother sat in an idling car, a young child strapped in the backseat. She waved over a reporter, whom she mistook for a detective. She said she couldn't stay for an interview.

"I need closure," she said, pulling away to visit the crime scene.



"abitchforjustice": SMH! It's the same old story; a transgender person, trying to live, hoping to improve her life (studying for GED; most likely didn't finish school due to bullying & non-acceptence, with no protection from faculty), finds herself in a deadly situation.


  1. Its sad to see these things happen to gay dudes n transgenders but i feel its their behavior that sometimes causing them to be in such dilemma;you see society has placed us on the lowest part of the pyramid especially the transgender community making much HARDER for them to get a decent job or education which result in them going to drugs or PROSTITUTION. Come on DONT YOU THINK THEIR GONNA GET FRUSTRATED.....DUH!!!..so they rebel by forcing society to accept them and seeing that SOCIETY dont care then the HOMOPHOBES who "care" attack these GOD BELOVED HUMAN BEINGS. I too is frustrated, WE THE LGBTQA NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AS THE ONE AND HELP OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, FORM A SOCIETY TO PROTECT OUR PEOPLE. ITS TIME FOR US TO STOP READING ABOUT THESE CAUSE JUST READING IT AND FEELING SAD ABOUT IS NOT GONNA MAKE A CHANGE.

  2. @ Anonymous; There's only one thing about your comment that I MUST disagree with you on. Transgender women aren't "rebeling by forcing society to accept them"...(it can't be "forced"). Transgender women are compelled & determined to live their lives as they identify. This is what results in their inability to find/keep "traditional" jobs. It becomes a vicious circle, when they feel there's no alternative to sex work sometimes, causing the general public to view them in those terms which only perpetuates the extreme reluctance to hire them, which in turn results in more street life. See the self-perpetuating cycle?? (And periodic misdemeanor jail time doesn't help with the job search, either.) But as you can see by the article (and all accounts of the people who knew Tyra), this woman was trying hard to improve her situation (studying for GED), but was killed before that could happen.