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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Breitbart Insidious LIARS!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted June 7, 2016

For those of you who might doubt that Breitbart took the time to practice less than honest duplicity in obtaining my "take" on the Mya Dillard Smith foolishness, I am copying and pasting the correspondence that preceeded that "interview"....

First email, June 2, 21016:

Sunday, June 5, 2016

LMMFAO!! Transphobic Bigots ON FIRE!! LMMFAO!!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted June 5, 2016

LMMFAO! Since my very first post on the resignation of Ms. Maya Dillard Smith from the ACLU, and my take on it, my comment inbox has blown up!! Some of the more tame names I've been called have been "narrow-minded", "left-wing facist", "intolerant" and "ridiculous"....I'm not going to dignify the others. Suffice it to say that they weren't pretty, LMAO.

And these people must be either slow-minded or just plain brain dead if they even thought I would publish anything meant to bash, devalue, discredit or dehumanize (like idiot, clueless Stacy Dash's comment about "peeing behind a bush") me! And for those of you asinine assholes who say "it doesn't matter if it's published, this is for you to read",  I don't give a damn what you type to me; it plays no role in my breathing in & out! LMMFAO that you should think I wouild care. It's so easy to be bullified from the safety of a commuter console, isn't it?

It's interesting how all down through the years in these United States, when we've had groups of people, tired of being disregarded, disenfranchised and marginalized, that speak up in no uncertain, unapologetic terms for their own survival, existence, comfort and equality, they're called those kinds of names. When they get tired of the intoletance and disrespect shown, even the very real possibilities of danger and death, to speak out, they're verbally (and sometimes physically) attacked. We're expected to sit docilely by, as others determine the narratives of our lives and futures. We're suppose to be "minstrel happy" to accept those 'compromises' that basically serve others' purposes, as oppose to being a boon to us.

BULL FECES!!! As I said in my previous post, I'm not a Martin Luther King, Jr.! While I greatly admire/admired that august gentleman, I neither aspire to be him nor do I ever plan to follow his strictures. I'm not about talking softly, while assholes and idiots lambast me with their ideologies, rationalizations and derogatory crap to discredit me and my right to live on an equal plane with the main. Hell, they killed him, and called him a Communist, so I don't suppose the method makes much difference to bigots. I don't have any problem with reasonable discourse, but the key word is "REASONABLE"....and I'm not wasting my time and energy "debating" with someone who is determined not to be moved; kinda like the country white woman who told the reporter (during the '12 election), "Obama stinks!", and we're SURE she never had the occasion to be near enough to Barack Obama to smell him...

These legislations are unnecessary, as there are already laws on the books addressing misconduct in public accomodations; we know that the transgender community is being targeted simply by nature of the "birth certificate" language that's being included in these proposed laws. Do the fools think we are unaware of this? There's no way we're going to believe it's "just for the predators and pedophiles" possibilities. Common sense informs most people who is a transperson and who is posing as one. And of course anyone (transgender [though this has yet to happen] or not) who misbehaves in a restroom should be arrested.

Yes, this is my blog, and yes, my (and the transgender community's) views are the ones highlighted, but we have been invisible and silent much too long, with others determining what's seen, read and heard about us!!! You knew where you were coming when you came. 

There is no way that I will allow a transgender bashing platform, any more than the lying people from Breitbart will allow any progressive news to stand on its own merit; they ALWAYS spin some right wing, repressive bullshit to it.

And to the asswipe who said he would "kick the hairy ass of any tranny who finds their way into a ladies room where his daughters are", especially as there is no law against it [yet], I say, "try your luck"....and I hope there's a cell phone video of it; you might bite off more than you can chew. LMMFAO

Friday, June 3, 2016

Shout Out to My Haters, 'Cause Your Bigotry Will NEVER Bring You Around!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted June 3, 2016

Weeeell, it seems as if my recent piece on former ACLU director, Maya Dillard Smith set off a firestorm of recriminations, insults and other responses! LMMFAO, I've been called "self-serving", with little regard for the "safety, privacy or comfort of children". 

But that's just the point. This attack (and that's what it is, make no mistake about it) on my segment of the community, has nothing to do with "the safety, privacy and comfort of children", so much as a general bigotry against the transgender community. It concerns the determined effort of anti-trans bigots to paint all transgender individuals as 'pedophiles' or 'molesters', hellbent on entering ladies' rooms for nepharious purposes, rather than just taking a crap or piss! Espousing this idea that a toilet is the "Holy Grail" of a particular gender, sacred and sacrosanct is so rediculous! These bigots should be ashamed of their fear mongering by using children (even to the point of using them in videos about their "desire for transgenders to be comfortable in toilets vs. their comfort in toilets"). As we know, childrens' ideas about most things social are formed from their "nurturers", not inborn; ideas given them by their parents/caregivers are how they begin to think. That's how bigotry is passed on. 

Teachable moments are missed when folks who have an intention to degrade, demean  or devalue a particular group of people, don't educate themselves because they hold derogatory and discriminatory ideas against that group and pass it on to their kids, engendering fear. I'm not saying that they should not be warned or trained to recognize predators anywhere (this includes day care workers, teachers, priests, coaches, etc., who might make unwelcome moves) of any gender or orientation, and that's just the point....I resent transgender individuals being made to appear "less than" everyone else, and having it legislated, and I won't shut up about it. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

And She Stepped Down for WHAT?????

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted May 30, 2016

Well folks I've been hibernating, but someone's poked me, woke me up and I'm ready to take off my shoes and snap, crackle, pop!!!!!  It's come to my attention that  Maya Dillard Smith, the newly appointed Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia, has stepped d0wn from her new post because she couldn't resolve her issues with fighting for transgender individuals' rights to use the restrooms germane to their gender identities. 

She says she "shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women's restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults over six feet with deep voices entered. My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer".... (by the way, actress Tamara Dobson stands 6'2", and how deep was Bea Arhur's voice? There are NO cookie cutter ideas for 'womanhood'....)

IF she weren't transphobic or just plain LAZY, she'd make 'google.com' her friend, and LEARN A FEW THINGS! Or even add a conversation with trans*folks (there are PA-LENTY of us in Atlanta, GA.) and trans*organizations/groups to get a handle on a demographic she's been charged to represent with the same diligence as EVERYONE ELSE. Maybe THEN she'd have had "answers for their questions"!!!!!

Dillard Smith Creates Honest, Safe Space To Communicate About  Civil Rights for All, Including Transgender Rights <THIS IS A LIE

She really sounds like a TERF  (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist), but maybe she's just a transhobic idiot, who was mistakenly put in a position she didn't need to fill, any more that a homo-/trans-phobic doctor/minister needs to head up an AIDS prevention/treatment organization [couldn't be trusted to do his or her BEST for us]. I'm glad she didn't "fly under the radar" as she torpedoed efforts by other ACLU members! Maya Dillard Smith needs to take a couple of seats and STFU!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

You've GOT to be F**king KIDDING

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
Posted April 4, 2016

This fool's saying North Carolina's "bathroom bill" is a matter of  'public safety'....

This asswipe, Peter Sprigg of the "Family Research Council" (why these haters always hide behind the "family" label, when they don't really give a fuck about families, or they'd be doing things to strengthen families, not promoting hateful activities? 

There is no documentation of ANY transgender individual having molested ANY women OR children in Ladies' rooms ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. 

However, this poor baby, Shaylyn Ammerman, was raped and slain by A MAN WHO IDENTIFIES AS A MAN, Kyle Parker, 22 years old....a 'friend' of her father's.  And I'm sure he calls himself heterosexual...

Shaylyn Ammerman

I'm sure you will find, if you look through any news archives, that virtually ALL molesters of children identify as the gender on their birth certificates...whether they were priests molesting young boys or teachers "recessing" with their students. NONE of these retrobates were transgender folk!

So these wastes of breathable air just need to stop pushing this crap and get real....or lose all the dollars businesses who have better sense decide to take away from their states!!!

A Viable Revolution is not JUST about Yelling

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
Posted April 4, 2016

Well folks another issue for me has come up here in the ATL, GA. that has affected me enough that I need to talk about it.  Let me start from the beginning of how it is/was, which began somewhat further back, but the lead up to the present feelings, I will  start Thursday, March 24, 2016....

I was asked to attend a trans*women only dinner, that was a great event, and in the course of it, the organization SNaP Coalition (Solutions Not a Punishment Coalition), [a group whose mission it is to establish a diversion program in Atlanta that would eliminate jail time for transgender survival sex workers] presented a report on Atlanta police misconduct in the way they respond and interact with the transgender community here. This report uncovered the numbers of girls profiled, arrested (many times falsely), harrassed, abused (physically and sexually)...the presenter then discussed how they had been able to wrangle an agreement around a "standard operation proceedure" from an outlying county, East Point, and how it would improve the trans situation there. As she prepared to move on with the rest of the program, I asked, "What about the Atlanta SOP?" This standard operation procedure had been put together last year...the Chief of Police, George Turner had signed off on it, as had the Mayor's office. The first one was presented at a town hall meeting of community and trans*folks; the first attempt was unsuccessful because it was decided that "the trans community had not been asked to participate in its writing" (this version had been put together by the Mayor's LGBTQ liaison [a lesbian] and the APD liaison [a gay man who has since been replaced after expressing a lack of "respect for African American LGBTQers"during the Ferguson debacle])....I'm not quite sure who else had a hand in it. 

SO, a number of us (about 7 trans*folks) formed a committee to go over them and "renovate" them. They really weren't that bad. They'd done a pretty good job of computer searching for "best practices", and actually while the changes we made would make them more accepting and supportive of the trans*community, providing procedures for recourse if a girl (or trans*man) had a complaint, and a TBGLQ Atlanta Police Dept. community liaison officer who genuinely seemed prepared to go the whole way to bat for us in pressing the complaints forward. And as far as I was concerned that was a great start; mind you, I've been here in Atlanta since September, 1979. I've been a poster child for police misconduct....I've been falsely arrested, profiled, abused (verbally & physically), and in all those years I've NEVER had any recourse, anyone I could complain to (besides Internal Affairs, and THOSE were exercises in futility). Now, the proof will be in the pudding, IF girls take the time and effort to take complaints to the liaison officer. But anyway, I digress.....

WHEN I asked the question about the Atlanta SOP at the dinner, I was told, "We don't recognize that SOP; it's not THE PEOPLES' SOP." I'm thinking, "WHAT??", but I said nothing; no need getting all riled up....I was having dinner. But it stuck in my craw that the work other women and myself had put into that progress for us in Atlanta, and now being told it didn't count. And now these same people were also having another "community meeting" the following Thursday evening, and of course I'd been asked to come. As the day approached, the more I thought about it, the more I felt moved to question again the disregard for our SOP at that meeting. 

I felt it was an opportune time to inform the good number of trans*folks at that meeting because chances were slim that I'd have that chance again [for so many of them in one place]. I felt it would be an extreme disservice to the trans*women and men present to go forward without telling them about a possible tool already established that might work to help them (whether it did or not, at least they'd know about it and Officer King)....so I asked the question, mentioned my disdain at being disregarded as "people", and informed those that didn't know about the Atlanta SOP.

Afterwards I had at least 4 people tell me how much they'd appreciated what I had to say (two of them had been on the committee)...the organizers tried to walk back their statement about disregarding the work and their "peoples' sop" pronouncement. I had one friend who told me, "I understand what you're saying, but I just don't think you should have said it in front of people who aren't "family" (a couple of city officials were there)...", but like I said, I didn't see myself coming in contact with that many trans*folks at one time, and I felt they deserved to know the complete state of things in Atlanta going forward. We must not have an "all or nothing at all" attitude are we will lose small gains. We must recognize any and all progress made by the trans*community, NO MATTER WHO MAKES IT...and then make every attempt to build on it! Just yelling in people's faces is not the ONLY means to revolution! Many times it only succeeds in alienating those who might otherwise join your struggle and help you. Sometimes you have to cultivate allies and compromise; you can get more of what you want once you've done some educating and putting an effort into some of their objectives too (like making your presence and voices heard at Medicaid expansion rallies, etc.)....the Panthers didn't JUST raise their fists and shout slogans; they organized neighborhood activities. Malcom X had conferences with Martin Luther King, Jr.; there are tentacles to a revolution that all serve to advance the struggle. Do we really think fifty or so trans*folks, yelling slogans can accomplish much besides a hot article in the newspaper? That's not even a piece of a voting block to influence a politician or policy maker. Better to talk a little quieter and organize allies and develop a REAL CROWD, then go for it...

I LOVE my trans*sistahs & brothahs, for real, for real....but when I feel strongly about something, and have a need to say it, I say it. All families have disagreements and differences of opinion...sometimes someone changes, or they decide to agree to disagree and move on. I can't "tow the party line" if it goes against my sense of right. I also personally feel the only way we all will succeed and prosper is to move forward in openness, integrity and support of one another. I'm outta here.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Transgender Day Of Rememberance; Here we are at another one, and the names are STILL adding up!

by Cheryl Courtney-Evans
posted Nov. 20, 2015

Dear readers, here we are at another year and looking at another Transgender Day Of Rememberance (aka TDOR)...once again we will gather together and memorialize our dead trans-sistas & -brothas who have fallen to violence, suicide and just plain neglect (severe disparity in medical access and attention).

Well, I personally am fresh out of tears. As I've told some of my closest friends, I've lived long enough and cried enough for my tear ducts around this TDOR thing to have atrophied, and just won't give me any more...I've grown tired of sitting through the depressing recounting of hundreds of transfolk and the means by which they left us.

We have seen the advent of the ascention of Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and others (and well-deserved I might add) as well as others who are on the ground doing the advocacy work we need. Along with this, we have seen all the visibility of another less stellar [in my opinion] transwoman in the person of Caitlyn Jennings (because I sincerely believe she has had an ulterior motive to her actions), who has really "brought visibility to the trans community" according to the mainstream media; could be beause they've been busy ignoring us...IJS. We've had a champion in the person of our president, and for the first time ever, a Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force, holding hearings on violence against our community. 

Now much of these advances have been good, but the increase of this "conversation" and "visibility" has also resulted in the increase of transgender backlash...haters using scare tactics, as in the defeat of Houston, Texas' HERO bill initiative, even to the point of more violent acts and death (over 22 transgender deaths in 2015 alone).

Therefore, while I am scheduled to speak at a TDOR this evening, I am all out of tears...I am however filled with rage, and the idea that in order to honor our dead, we must make drastic changes in how we are handling our living! We have got to begin to be the tools of our own salvation. 

Our community has got to begin to live "intentional lives", rather than simply letting life [or death] happen to them. We've got to do our due dilegence and make use of the meager programs, services, laws & ordinances (like the EEOC) that have been created for us; we must not take the "give up before failing" attitude and get busy trying to help ourselves


We must (especially our ladies, I'm sorry to say) quit with the "automatic competitive" attitudes, and more fully be receptive and willing to support one another. Even if you're involved in survival sex work, watch out for one another, perhaps traveling in pairs and taking note of car tags and what the johns look like. And for heaven's sake be prepared; carry something to protect yourselves with and stay alert. There are tasers aplenty for sale out there and online. And fuck it....if you have to carry something 'illegal', I always say, "It's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6." If you're an internet or Craiglist/Backpage girl, create some sort of safeguards for yourself so you don't get caught off balance...survival is tantamount!

AND PLEASE my trans community, if you're read my posts and happen to be a woman or man who generally is feeling severe depressions, please call a hotline or seek professional assistance [you can gain that information through your hotline]...TheTrevorProject.org is one of these, and they are national.

The time is now for us to begin working to eliminate a need for this annual memorialization of our dead. We must not only be more willing to take note of the politics that affect our very existence, but work toward gains and maintaining those gains. And "allies" (especially of the self-proclaimed variety)?? As we hold ourselves accountable, so must we hold them! When they use 'photo ops' to profess their care and propose their assistance, we must be just as public in our keeping them to the promises! We must not be reticent about calling them out. As I've said, we are under attack and we don't need any duds!!

Trans-attracted folks...let's stand up and be counted. The more you do, the better the situation will get for all of us. Grown-up relationships deserve grown-up actions. Do I just have say more?  I don't think so......not if I'm talking to grown-ups (no, I can't say that enough; "grown-ups", LOL).

And that's my "abitchforjustice" TDOR pronouncement for 2015. If you have any more suggestions that I may not have mentioned, feel free to use my "comments".